Hayden Audition 

Your Name: Manon

Your Age: 15

Time Zone: The Netherlands - Amsterdam

Desired character: Hayden McClain

Will you be making any changes to the character?: Nope

Would you be committed to the character?: Yes :)

Sample (no longer than 2 paras):

Hayden twirled a string of her long hair around her finger and smiled politely at Ben. He didn’t smile back. He showed no emotion at all. 

'I told you I'm sorry, right?' She told him, with an innocent smile. 

'You are sick, Hayden.' He spoke slowly. She knew he wouldn't want to forgive her, but she just couldn't stand seeing him and Vivien together. It wasn't right. She was the one for him and he was the one for her. People kept telling her different, but she knew she and Ben were made for each other. She would be patience and she wouldn’t give up.

'Why are you making this so hard, Ben? We will be together. We will have a family. We will.' She told him, with a light tone, before turning around and walking back into the darkness. 

Mrs. Nora Montgomery  

"Oh thank heavens, you must be the new help. My name is Nora, but you will address me as Mrs. Montgomery. My husband’s name is Charles, I’m sure you will see him if he ever comes out of the basement. Have you seen my baby? I call him little noisy monster. I’m not sure I am fit to have a child, but then again, neithe was mother."

Troy and Bryan Rutger Audition 

Your Name: Mary Kate S.

Your Age: 17

Time Zone: Central time

Desired character: Troy and Bryan Rutger

Will you be making any changes to the character?: Setting an age of about fourteen, which is a little older then most people make them, but how I see them. I also like to add a more serious side to them at times, because we only get to see little five second promos of them. ANd just as a note, I like to think of the twin with two slightly different personalities; IMO Bryan’s more levelheaded and logical, and Troy’s more spontaneous.

Would you be committed to the character?: Yes

Sample (no longer than 2 paras): Bryan flipped open the cover of the fourth Harry Potter book, finally managing to find a spot in the basement quiet and light enough to read it. Of all the modern shit he and Troy stole from who ever owned the house at the time, books were his favorite. Well, besides breakable things, but that spoke for its self.The rhythmic cracks of the poppers he and his brother always had shook him out of his momentary calmness.

"What the fuck are you reading now?" Troy asked, looking down at his brother. Bryan wordlessly held up the book.

"Too bad with the Harmons scaring off the new families your never gonna get the next one. Sucks to be you."

Audition for Chad 

Chad watched as Patrick adjusted the shelf he just put up in the nursery, helping the Harmons build their little family was less than exciting, especially with Tate and Violet running around, trying to get rid of them the best he could. It was pathetic, her feeble little attempt to banish him from this house. His house. He was just finally coming back up from that little incident, returning to watch Pat do a horrible job at putting together the selves. “That one should be higher, and moved to left…” He pointed out, letting Patrick realize he was being watched, and not by a happy specter either. Chad could tell Patrick felt the pressure of his gaze when he readjusted the shelf. 

Was he not going to apologize? After what he said. I was going to get out, but now I’m stuck here with him. It was just the same… Always the same situations. Patrick wanted out, out of a relationship, out of this house. Chad was stuck here with the man he loved, the one he thought loved him back just as much. But Chad knew that wasn’t true, why would Patrick say the things he did? Why would he cheat over and over again? He wouldn’t if he loved him.

Chad leaned against the frame of the door, another drink in his hands. At least he could still drink. There were few upsides about being dead, he could take the screw driver sitting next to his lover and plunge it into the mans heart, maybe even dig it out… He was tempted, but really didn’t want to have to clean that mess up, or deal with the possibility of having Patrick come back to get even. He thought over those ideas, thoughts interroupted when Patrick looked back at him and asked if he was just going to stand there or was he going to help. “No, I think I will just stand here and enjoy the view. Or maybe I should just make you leave and I will do it myself. I really don’t want to have to replace all those shelves because you put them in uneven, like the rail of the crib.” He tilted his head and gave the infamous bitch face, the one that always brought out the best reaction from Patrick. 

New AHS roleplay group! 

Welcome to the Murder House - you’ll never get out alive.

The one’s taken have a line through them.


  • Ben Harmon
  • Vivien Harmon
  • Constance Langdon
  • Tate Langdon
  • Adelaide “Addie” Langdon
  • Dr. Charles Montgomery
  • Nora Montgomery
  • Moria O’Hara(Both Young and Old.)
  • Larry Harvey
  • Hayden McClaine
  • Troy & Bryan
  • Chad Warwick
  • Patrick
  • Leah
  • Travis Wanderly
  • Luke
  • Billie Dean Howard
  • Violet Harmon

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